Jan. 31st – Feb. 6th 2013

Sofia Ice Fest is located in front of the Telephone palace next to the Grand Hotel Sofia.

Check out the only ICE BAR in town on now and until the 6th of February. Have a look at some ice sculptures while getting your groove on to some cool tracks and drinking shots out of your very own ice glass. It’s a fun 20min to start the night off right.


Sofia Dance Week 2012

Sept. 29th – Oct. 6th 2012

Sofia Dance Week is an international festival for contemporary dance, which will have its 5th edition this year. The program consists of performances from Europe, Asia and America representative for different trends in the contemporary dance scene. The parallel programme consists of workshops, ateliers, open air events, lectures, projections and discussions, as well as a special kids module with performances and workshops.

You can buy tickets for Sofia Dance Week at Ticket center of National palace of culture.
Ticket prices start from 8 BGN.


We have had so many great nights meeting and introducing thousands of guests to the charming and  hidden gems that make up Sofia’s Night scene. We would like to thank  each and every one of you who have supported us in our endeavours. Most of all we would like to thank our team of enthusiastic Guides without who this night would not be possible, so thank you: Nadia P.(one of the Founders), Nadia D.(one of the Founders), Ivo (one of the Founders), Daniel, Hristo, Filip, Petya, Mira, Svilen, Anna, Bistra, and our newest guides Bili, and Magi. Meeting travellers from all walks of life every night in Sofia, and in a lot of cases striking up friendships, has been an eye opening experience for us. It feels like we have heard and told a million stories and we hope to hear and tell a million more. So thank you to all of our wonderful guests, and if you’re on your way to Sofia for the first time come out and tell us your story (over some drinks of course ? we’ll be ready )”Through rain or shine, snow or sleet, we deliver” the CRAWL.

Cheers from: Kris and Dany

St. Valentine’s day vs St. Tryphon Zarezan’s day

St. Valentine or St. Tryphon Zarezan? This is the question! In Bulgaria we are quite lucky, because depending on your status, e.g. engaged or not, you can decide which holiday you are going to celebrate on the 14th of February. Why is that so? I am sure most of you know, St. Valentine is a saint associated with the tradition of courtly love. The celebration of St. Valentine’s day became part of Bulgaria’s tradition through globalization. Before we heard of this lovely gentleman, here in Bulgaria we had and still have a long lasting tradition of celebrating St. Tryphon Zarezan on the 14th of February. He is well known as the saint of the vine growers and wine producers. Each year there is a tradition of choosing the king of the wine for the village. He is the one that has the best  harvest or produced the best wine in the village.

To sum up, if you are in a relationship you can celebrate St. Valentine’s day and embrace the warmth of your beloved one. But if you are not engaged, you can warm up and drawn your tears in wine together with St. Tryphon Zarezan and become the king of wine for the day. 

We at The New Sofia Pub Crawl don’t want to go far from our Bulgarian traditions and roots and therefore invite you on a St. Tryphon Zarezan’s wine crawl. If it happens that you are currently in a relationship, we will do our best and make an exception and welcome you to the world of wine as well. During the event you will learn about the wine, participate in wine games, choose the king or queen of the wine and most importantly drink some good Bulgarian wine. The special wine crawl will start as usual at 9 pm from the Park Crystal and will cost 20 BGN. You can purchase it online here.