Our proposal for events in Sofia for the week

12 June 2017 – 18 June 2017


M&M? Night – 14 June / 9 pm

Since it’s already summer, party in the middle of the week is more than acceptable, almost mandatory. This Wednesday bar Friday is promising colourful music and lots of fun. You will just have to bring your summer moves, sunny mood and… shorts.

Location: Bar Friday

Entrance: Free


Photo: Bar Friday

Damo Suzuki’s Network (ex-CAN) – 15 June / 9:30 pm

One of the most emblematic names of the krautrock– DAMO Suzuki is here to share a little bit of his amazing energy. He is not just an artist but an inspiration – listen to The Fall – I Am Damo Suzuki

Location: Club *MIXTAPE 5*

Entrance: 17 BGN – buy online here or pay 20 BGN on spot


Photo: Radio Binar


Tango for Dummies – 16 June / 7:30 pm

Have you ever wanted to learn Tango? Or do you just enjoy watching it? If you have answered to any of those questions with “yes”, then you MUST go to this event. And just remember, all the pros at some point were confused amateurs  but with a lot of work and passion everyone can get to the top.

Location: The park in front of the National Theatre

Entrance: Free


Photo: Juventud Tango Studio?

NEON SHAME PARTY – 16 June / 10 pm

Another party is coming, which aims to leave you with unforgettable shameful memories. For maximum fun and emotions this time the event will be highlighted by neon lights and paint.

Location: Club Culture Beat

Entrance: 10 BGN


Photo: Shame Party?

COMIX BOX ART FEST – 18 June / 11 am

Drink & Draw is our motto this Sunday, but this is just one of the reason to join this event. It is strongly recommended to anyone interested in commix, art, graffiti, cosplay and anything creative.

Location: Maimunarnika – Borisova garden

Entrance: Free


Photo: COMIX BOX. reality game show for comic artists?

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