EVENTS IN SOFIA WEEK 15 MAY 2017 – 21 MAY 2017

Our proposal for events in Sofia for the week

15 May 2017 – 21 May 2017

Desert Mountain Tribe (UK) & Comasummer – 17 May / 10 pm

Desert Mountain Tribe is a Rock’n’Roll band from the UK that will surely leave a smile on your face. The band released their debut album “Either That Or The Moon” in the spring of 2016 and ever since they have been winning people’s hearts all around the globe.

Listen to Desert Mountain Tribe – Take A Ride

Location: Club Stroeja – Lege 10 str.

Entrance: 15 BGN


Photo: Stroeja?

Skafunderz/HU/ & Toy Letters – 18 May / 8 pm

The legendary band Skafunderz is going to bring an explosive combination of ska, reggae and punk. If you like to dance and you are not afraid to get out of control, then you should definitely join this party.

Location: Club *MIXTAPE 5*

Entrance: 10 BGN – buy online here


Photo: Thirteen Gigs & Events?

French gipsy swing with Para Hot Jazz – 19 May / 7 pm

If you know what Hot club de France is, then this event is for you! This Friday viola, guitar, accordion and double bass will recreate the musical atmosphere of Paris from the middle of the 20th century. The concert is dedicated to the fathers of Gypsy jazz – Jango Reinhard and Stefan Grapeli.

Location: Club Studio 5

Entrance: 10 BGN


Photo: Club Studio 5

Panican Whyasker – 20 May / 10 pm

Panican Whyasker is a Bulgarian four-piece rock’n’roll band.  Its early years Panican spent experimenting with a large range of genres from instrumental drum’n’bass to crossover but their last album is a total comeback to their rock’n’roll roots.

Location: Club Terminal 1 – Angel Kanchev 1 str.

Entrance: 10 BGN – buy online here or pay 15 BGN on spot


Photo: Club Terminal 1?

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