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Having spent a year in Lisbon, unravelling the secrets of this city’s captivating nightlife, the wind wafts Rally back to her hometown, the beautiful city of Sofia. She got introduced to the pub crawl concept in Lisbon for the first time, but when she discovers the local pub crawl concept, she instantly falls in love with it. She loves communicating with people, and it’s no surprise that she’s studying PR at Sofia University. Native in Bulgarian, she can switch with ease between English, German and Russian. But be careful, she could also understand your words in French and Portuguese.

Rally says her true passion is dancing, so if you’re partying with her, make sure you’re full of energy, because we bet she’ll make you spend all of it.


Born in 1996 in the Danube city Ruse, Gally falls in love with the spirit of Sofia. She discovers the charm of the capital, its restaurants, theatres and of course, its night life. Gally really enjoys travelling around the world – she’s been in England, France, Italy, Greece and many more, but the love of her life is Bulgaria. She loves reading books, drawing, writing and spending time wandering the streets of Sofia. Being very friendly and responsive, she will definitely help you have a great time in Bulgaria. Her secret superpower is that she can dance all night, so, get ready to have a lot of fun, while joining this party diva in the pub crawl.

Johana was born in Sofia, she grew up in Sofia, and even though she spent 23 years so far in Sofia she loves it and always finds the magic in the rushing city. 
Her passion is the theater and the movies – so don’t be surprised if she is talking about films all the time.
If you have the opportunity to be with her on a pub crawl you can ask her about all the parties and night clubs which must be visited while you are in the Bulgarian capital – she’s the so called “party animal” so you can definitely trust her when the topic is about clubs (and movies!) ;]

Born and raised in Sofia, one of her favorite things to do is hang out with friends and discover new and different places in the city. Kat has spent some time in the US but says “nothing can beat home”, especially when it comes to partying!
Her biggest ambition is that everyone would look and speak of the city in a different way, once they get to meet the people and explore the amazing night life.

Anna (or Annie)

Anna (or Annie) is a proud Sofia native, but she has also lived abroad in the US and Switzerland. After spending five years away from her favorite spots in the city, she is more than anxious to share with you her love for great wines, freshly brewed beer, and speak-easy clubs. Her urban knowledge also extends into the food and entertainment sphere, so be sure to ask her for some tips if you are looking for nice places to dine, lounge, or shoot pool. Her hobbies include all of the above, as well as playing Ultimate Frisbee and geeking out over anything maritime.

Petya has partied in multiple locations around the world (and studied a little bit on the side) and thinks that what Sofia has to offer isn’t any worse. She moved to the capital from Plovdiv in 2012 and has loved every minute of it ever since. She loves speaking to different people in different languages (at least 5 1/2 of them) and sharing her knowledge about life and party in Sofia, Bulgaria and the world. Petya wouldn’t refuse a beer, but her true passion is wine. She is also known to enjoy dancing quite a bit, so stay until the end of the night and you’ll have a chance to catch a glimpse of her “performance” when we take you to the club.

Having spent time in the US and Morocco, Svilen is used to explore new places and cultures and loves meeting new people. A Sofia native, he can tell you not only about the best places to go out but also where to jog, eat out or what to visit while in town. Be sure to ask him about lacrosse in Bulgaria or when the next big concert in Sofia is – sport and music are not just passions, but his job.

Despite of his age of 32, Kris still knows where the best places to go out in the night in a city like Sofia are. If you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to be in a pub crawl with him, this will not only change your attitude towards Sofia, but it will also help you have an unforgettable night. He spent 7 years abroad and visited quite many places and met many interesting people from a lot of different spheres. Therefore you can enjoy talking with him about all kinds of different topics in English, German, Russian a bit of Spanish and of course in the local Bulgarian language.

Dany was born in Sofia, grew up in Canada, moved to Germany for a couple of years but has since made Sofia his home. He believed that Sofia was full of neat and unique experiences but found a lack of information and organizations working to share this with travelers. So he got together with 4 likeminded people and created this company that would work to change that.

Filip was born in Skopje, Macedonia, and at the age of 18 he came to live in Sofia. He was living in student town for 4 years and was an unstoppable party animal. When he got bored of the student life he discovered that Sofia’s nightlife is even better! Through a lot of hard work and a lot of all-nighters Filip became an expert of the city’s nightlife and today he makes good use of that on the pub crawl.  If you catch him on the pub crawl ask him about the history of the stops, because he just so happens to have lived in one of them.

After spending half a year in the beer capital of Europe (Prague), Daniel came back to his home town Sofia and decided to continue the party. He joined the pub crawl to meet new and interesting people and to enjoy quality beer.  You can always ask him about the sights of Sofia, because he also does the F.S.T.. And if you are wondering how to say cheers in different languages, you can ask him to tell you all the different ways he’s learned.

Hristo, has lived in Sofia for 6 years (2 of them in Students town – the 24/7 party place of our capital) and also spent one year partying non-stop in Belgium. Hristo has rocked parties on 4 continents – visiting Pub Crawls in Singapore and Malaysia and warming up the Full Moon Party at a bar in Koh Phangan, Thailand. He’s definitely the guy to know when it comes to parties. Besides his party mood, he knows a lot of interesting stories about the places you’re going to visit in Sofia during the pub crawl. At the moment, he favours more the cultural underground night-life (speakeasys, secret and hidden artistic clubs and bars). So, if you get to “crawl” with him, you will definitely have a night to remember.

Simona (Moni)

Though Simona (Moni) wants to travel the world and the seven seas, Sofia is the only true “harbour” for her. She has spent some time abroad only to find out that a pirate life’s for her (excluding the socially unacceptable details to this lifestyle of course). English, German and Bulgarian count to the languages she’s able to converse in but an occasional slip of the tongue in French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Turkish is likely to happen. She’d gladly accept to share yo ho ho and a bottle of rum with you but usually settles for an apple cider at the end of the night.

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