Don’t forget your ID card!


Going to Jamiroquai’s concert on June 28th and you have no idea how to get there? Here are the options. Arena Armeec unfortunately is not in the center of Sofia, so you could get there either by public transit or taxi. Walking might be a bit of a challenge. 

Jamiroquai's concert

By public transit:

There is one bus stop in both directions of “Aleksander Iordanov boulevard. They are connected with a zebra crossing. There is also a traffic light regulating the pedestrian and car traffic.

Public transportation lines stopping on this bus stop:

Buses:1, 6

Trolleys:4, 11

Public transportation lines stopping in the proximity of the hall:

Buses:305, 280, 84

Trolleys: 5, 8

By taxi

From the center it shouldn’t cost more than 6-7lv (10lv tops) or less than 5 euro, so it is a convenient option for getting to Arena Armeec especially if there is more than one of you.

You can preorder a taxi online at: https://ebook.autocab.net/index.php

This is a reliable taxi company, Yellow. The only problem is their online reservation system is only in Bulgarian, but you could ask for help or just use Google Translate. If you prefer calling, their phone number is +359 291119.

On foot

Finally, if you choose to walk there, bear in mind that from the center it would be more than 1 hour walk (which is great if you have nothing else to do!). Here is what it looks like on a map: http://goo.gl/maps/uudZd