Don’t forget your ID card!


Have you ever found the perfect person for you? The one that is truly what you are looking for and you know for sure there can’t be anyone better, they are just perfect for you! Huh? Well, The New Sofia Pub Crawl already found this person. They are two actually, a couple from Australia.

We had a logo-flag that has always been with us, through the cold, the heat, through rain and drought and even fire, through every pub crawl in Sofia since the beginning. Our logo-flag has been through a lot and we wanted it to retire and take a round-the-world trip, and finally to see all those amazing places it has only been hearing about during all those great pub crawls we organized. Now we found this nice Australian couple who flew from Australia to Istanbul and came to our Pub Crawl in Sofia. We gave them our flag and they promised to keep it, protect it and carry it with them throughout their journey, through all of Eastern Europe, St. Petersburg, Russia and the Trans-Siberian railway, downwards through Mongolia and China and even further south to all of South-East Asia and all those far away exotic places there.

In April 2013 our flag is planned to safely arrive in Australia (in a small town north of Brisbane) after a long adventure where our symbol flag would have shared all about the awesome New Sofia Pub Crawl with great people on the way. Then it will take some sun rays on the beaches of Australia for a while and head back to Europe and eventually Bulgaria through somebody else. Thank you, Rebecca and Jake. Thanks a lot and have a save journey with a lot of great memories with the people meet. All the best!