1. Cookie Policy

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Cookie policy

This Cookie Policy is intended to acquaint you with the specifics and purposes of the use of cookies on the site: https://www.thenewsofiapubcrawl.com/.

A cookie is a file containing a limited set of textual information that a website transfers from the web browser to your device's hard drive temporarily for the duration of your visit to the website, or for a longer period, depending on the type of cookie. The purpose of cookies is to distinguish you from other users of the same website or to store certain information related to your preferences and they are used by most sites to facilitate your browsing. Each cookie is unique to your browser and contains anonymous information. The content usually includes the name of the domain from which it comes.

Sofia Pub Crawl Ltd. emphasizes that some features or services of the site may not function properly without cookies. Cookies retain user preferences and other information but cannot read data from the hard drive or from cookies created by other sites.

The site https://www.thenewsofiapubcrawl.com/ uses the following types of cookies according to their purpose:


They collect statistical information about site traffic, including the number of visits, the length of stay, the popularity of individual pages, the sequence of browsing, repeat visits and the time of exit from the site. This allows us to track the success of our site, as well as the effectiveness of our site. By analyzing the data, we come up with solutions to improve the user experience of the site.


These are cookies used to save information on language version selection, location and display settings according to the type of device from which you access the website. The goal is not to have to re-select settings that you have already confirmed or rejected in a previous visit to the site or in the current session, thus ensuring maximum convenience when visiting the site.


This category of cookies stores information about your decisions as a user. These include saving values when completing surveys and maintaining a history of your preferences and requests for the products and services we offer. This avoids the need to re-enter data and selections for your convenience.


These cookies make it possible to customize the site's advertising messages, as well as measure the effectiveness of ads and promotional campaigns. They are often placed by third-party advertising networks under pre-established conditions. Advertising cookies are used to tailor ads and marketing campaigns to your preferences. They help you to see only the messages that really interest you, as well as not to come across the same ad every time you visit our site.


Facebook.com (Pixel) - Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertising products from third-party advertisers in real-time.

Google.com (Analytics) - Used to send data to Google Analytics about user device and behavior.

Google.com (Google AdWords Remarketing) - This application is used to record visits to the website for advertising purposes (remarketing) in Google and the Display Network. Your browser saves cookies when you visit websites, which allows you to be recognized as a visitor when you visit pages that are part of the Google advertising network. These websites offer ads to visitors related to content they have previously viewed on other websites that use Google's remarketing feature.


Cookies may be restricted by your browser settings. Here are links on how this can be done for different types of browsers:

Cookie settings in Microsoft Edge
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari

You can also set the types of ads you want to receive, which are generated based on the information collected by the tracking cookies:

Google Analytics: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

You can opt out of Google AdWords collecting data at http://www.google.com/settings/ads.


2. Privacy Statement

Read more about how and why we use your data here [Privacy Policy].