Staying in Sofia by yourself or with friends for only a few days and want to have a great night out? Don’t waste your precious time playing hit or miss in search for the best bars and clubs in town. Just join us on a pub crawl!

The New Sofia Pub Crawl is the ultimate night experience around Sofia's vibrant and unique bars. This bar hopping is all about meeting new and exciting people from all over the world. If you are looking for a night full of fun, chatting and laughter - we've got you covered.

Crystal Garden, next to the big head statue of Stefan Stambolov
Every Night at 9 PM.

The New Sofia Pub Crawl is the highest rated nightlife activity in Sofia on various online platforms. The feedback of our guests is our most valuable reward.

Do not miss

...if you have one evening in Sofia. You will visit a few places you could never find on your own, plus you will meet some interesting people from all over the world, plus you will have great hosts and learn something about Sofia that is not part of regular tourist tours. With all this, who needs booze... but you will get it, too... 😊

Pub Crawl

Best pub crawl i've ever been too. Super suprised by the tour guide. Especially Galena. Went to Pub crawl twice because of her.

Great way to see the pub, bar, and dance club scene in central Sofia.

Galena and her friends gave a great walking tour of 4 pubs and 1 dance club. Even went to an underground pub that use to be a barn where only those with a golden key can get in. Got a chance to meet others on the tour that were great company too. Definitely recommend for those that want to experience the pub and club scene safely with knowledgeable locals.

Hidden Gems

Our tour guide brought us to some amazing places that we would never in a million years have found on our own. Fun, interesting, and great to meet other travellers and have a laugh with them. Highly recommended!

Fantastic way to meet people and have fun

I hadn’t expected to have as much fun as I did. Obviously it helps if you have a friendly group but the guides make a real effort to mingle and makes sure everyone is enjoying themselves at each bar. For 20 leva this is a must do. Travelling around Sofia on my own this was a great way to meet people and drink in some cool places I may not have found myself.

Definitely a nice experience.

By my expirience you'll hang out mainly with foreigners that are also exploring the city. The tour guides are cool dudes that would present you with some fascinating history facts and will help you crawl some nice places. Remember to bring your IDs.
Guided Bar Tour
You will hear different stories about the places visited and meet people from all over the world.
Every Day
Starts at 9PM at Crystal Garden - Always, no matter the weather conditions.
Your very own guide
Our enthusiastic local guides are here to guide you through an unforgettable night in the heart of Sofia.
Several drinks (beer/wine and shots) are included in the price.
young people

Just show up at the starting point at 9PM. You can join us even without reservation.

- Don't forget your ID Card
- Price: 35BGN

You can join our regular Sofia pub crawls every day at 9PM. If you prefer to pay online you can pre-book your experience.
Price: 35 BGN

If you are coming with a bigger group or prefer a tailor-made event for you and your friends, we can arrange a private pub crawl for you that fits with your preferences.

The New Sofia Pub Crawl has been everyone's favorite way to explore Sofia's night scene ever since 2011 when it first started.

We are proud to have a team of wonderful guides whose spirit will lift you up even if you don't feel in the mood for it.

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If you have any additonal questions – we are here to help!

Yes, just give us a call or send us a text message at +359896707748, so we can tell you where to meet us.
We will visit five different places. They might vary from night to night depending on the circumstances.
Bring any form of identification. It’s helpful to have a map of Sofia so you can find your way back and some local currency (Bulgarian Levas) because Euros are not accepted yet.
You get free beer or wine at two of the bars. Welcome shots at all of the other venues. Free entry in every single bar and club visited during the night if there is one.
No, reservations are not required. Just show up at the meeting point at 9 pm. But you may also buy your tickets online.

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