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Euro 2024 Football in Sofia

Places to Watch Euro 2024 in Sofia: Pubs, Bars, Parks & More

The European Championship 2024 has just kicked off in Germany. You happen to be in Sofia, Bulgaria, and are wondering where to Euro 2024? The New Sofia Pub Crawl is here to help. We’ve found the perfect spots with large screens, cold beer, and delicious food to enjoy the month-long European football championship. Here are our top picks in Bulgaria’s capital:

1) Yunak Fan Zone and B:EAT Street Food Park: Euro 2024 Festive Experience in the Heart of the City

For an unforgettable festival experience, head to the Yunak Fan Zone combined with the B:EAT Street Food Park and Stroeja Open Air Music Bar. Located right at the entrance to Borisova Garden, this spot offers great music, fresh cocktails, a variety of food, and a unique atmosphere. With matches broadcast on a big screen in the park, you can enjoy the games with hot food and cold beer. Entrance is free, making it a fantastic option for football fans looking to soak up the excitement under the stars.

Euro 2024 in Sofia

2) Kolovoz 41: Craft Beers and a Spacious Garden

Kolovoz 41 is a new pub that promises a great viewing experience for the Euros. With a spacious garden and a selection of 40 craft beers (soon to be 80), this spot is perfect for beer enthusiasts. The pub offers delicious meat specialties, including craft sausages, pork ears with beer sauce, and unique chicken wings. With a slogan like "Eat More Beer," you can expect a quality menu and drinks. The pub can accommodate up to 130 people, making it an ideal place to gather with friends and watch the matches.

3) JJ Murphy's: An Authentic Irish Experience

Discover a piece of Ireland in Sofia at JJ Murphy's, the first authentic Irish pub in Bulgaria. Since opening in 1998, it has become a favorite spot for adventurers and beer lovers. Enjoy typical Irish cuisine, such as traditional English breakfast, shepherd's pie, and beef steak, in a cozy atmosphere. Their summer menu features grilled trout, chili con carne, and a double Murphy's burger with fries, perfect for enjoying during the games. Located just a short walk from Vitoshka, JJ Murphy's is a hidden gem in the heart of the city.

4) 5 Corners Pub: The best homemade chips

Located on one of the so-called “five corners”, this pub can make you really feel like a local. Favorite place for all ages that offers an old school interior and a little garden area for smokers. Famous for its wide selection of European beer and homemade chips and meat dishes. The place can be enjoyable for both sport and food lovers alike.

Bulgaria and Euro 2024

Bulgaria's journey in the qualification campaign for UEFA Euro 2024 has been challenging. Competing in Group G, Bulgaria faced Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, and Lithuania. Bulgaria did not qualify for Euro 2024, finished at the bottom of the group. Bulgaria's best achievement in the European Football Championship came in 1996 when the Bulgarian team reached the group stage of the tournament held in England. This participation came shortly after Bulgaria's remarkable run to the semifinals of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, which remains the pinnacle of the country's football achievements.

Enjoy the European Football Championship 2024 in Sofia!

Even though Bulgaria didn’t qualify for this year’s championship, the excitement in Sofia is as high as ever. Whether you're seeking a festive atmosphere under the stars at the Yunak Fan Zone and B Street Food Park, savoring craft beers in the spacious garden of Kolovoz 41, enjoying an authentic Irish experience at JJ Murphy's, or feeling like a local at the 5 Corners Pub, Sofia has something special for everyone. We hope you’ll find these top picks useful. So, gather your friends, choose your favorite spot, and enjoy the matches in Bulgaria’s lively capital.

Euro 2024 in Sofia: Places to Watch