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St. Valentine’s day vs St. Tryphon Zarezan’s day

St. Valentine or St. Tryphon Zarezan? This is the question! In Bulgaria we are quite lucky, because depending on your status, e.g. engaged or not, you can decide which holiday you are going to celebrate on the 14th of February. Why is that so? I am sure most of you know, St. Valentine is a saint associated with the tradition of courtly love. The celebration of St. Valentine’s day became part of Bulgaria’s tradition through globalization. Before we heard of this lovely gentleman, here in Bulgaria we had and still have a long lasting tradition of celebrating St. Tryphon Zarezan on the 14th of February. He is well known as the saint of the vine growers and wine producers. Each year there is a tradition of choosing the king of the wine for the village. He is the one that has the best  harvest or produced the best wine in the village.

To sum up, if you are in a relationship you can celebrate St. Valentine’s day and embrace the warmth of your beloved one. But if you are not engaged, you can warm up and drawn your tears in wine together with St. Tryphon Zarezan and become the king of wine for the day. 

We at The New Sofia Pub Crawl don’t want to go far from our Bulgarian traditions and roots and therefore invite you on a St. Tryphon Zarezan’s wine crawl. If it happens that you are currently in a relationship, we will do our best and make an exception and welcome you to the world of wine as well. During the event you will learn about the wine, participate in wine games, choose the king or queen of the wine and most importantly drink some good Bulgarian wine. The special wine crawl will start as usual at 9 pm from the Park Crystal and will cost 20 BGN. You can purchase it online here.